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Plastic Mesh Fences
Economical and effective solution for fencing all
construction sites and operation areas. Can be an
alternative to expensive metallic fences.

Safety in the Construction Industry
Building sites, excavations, areas where machinery is in operation, and in general all dangerous areas of a construction site must be fenced in at all times. This is particularly important where there is a danger for vehicles or people passing by or for the site personnel. Incidents occurring due to unsufficient delimiting or not visible fencing of construction areas can lead to injuries and loss of lives. The responsibility of correct prevention is a primary responsibility of a building site manager and in general the construction company management, and they are liable for the legal consequences and costs in case of incidents.
Safety Fencing made with Plastics
Safety fencing can be implemented with different types of barriers, railings and other types of fencing. Plastic is the material of choice as it can be used to build basic fencing which is lightweight, unexpensive, and resistant to harsh athmospheric conditons. In addition to that plastic can be easily colored and fencing can be made visible under all critical visibility conditions, including night darkness, rain, fog, snow, growth of vegetation.
The most cost effective technique for safety fencing is the use of special orange/red colored signals or textiles which can be can be setup as:
· temporary and low-cost standalone fencing solution, quickly installed with any basic support (like wood pliers or metal)
· band used to increase visibility of existing fencing (for example metallic fences, whenthese are unstalled)
How to choose your Plastic Fencing Netting:
· highly-visible orange/red/yellow colors for better highlighting dangerous areas in all conditions
· resistant to low temperatures and to sun UV rays
· light and manageable, supplied in rolls - easily transported, stored and re-used
· fully recycleable at the end of its lifecycle

Construction Site Fencing with Plastic Mesh construction area fencing band net construction site fencing netting band
Construction Fencing Netting
Effective also as barrier against dust
Improved screening of construction area from outside view
Construction Fencing Plastic Mesh
Larger mesh - suggested fencing solution for windy environments
Due to the special knitted construction it is extremely light, flexible yet robust and will last longer. Quick and easy to install, it gives the nicest and most professional outlook to your construction site fencing. It should be installed properly in areas with strong winds.

Material: HDPE tape
UV stabilized: yes
Color: orange and white stripes
Weight: approx. 80 gr/mē
Packaging: rolls 1,5x50m 2,0x50m
Rigid plastic construction fence, it will last more and give the most professional outlook to your construction fence. Ideal for building fencing of construction sites or road works. Used effectively as stand-alone fencing when mounted with basic supports.

Material: PP
UV stabilized: yes
Color: orange
Weight: approx. 160 gr/mē
Packaging: rolls 1,2x50m 1,5x50m 1,8x50m

scaffolding plastic recycling Help protect the environment!
Dispose for HDPE plastic recycling at the end of plastic fencing mesh lifecycle.
HDPE Netting HDPE Plastic Mesh

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