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Easily create a reinforced grass turf using special Grass-Tiles.
For grass-covered Car Parks, Walkways, Golf Courses, Bycycle Tracks, Sport Fields.
grass turf with reinforcement tilesgrass turf lawn reinforcement cell detail

Natural soil has a grass turf which is too soft to withstand the damage caused by frequent passage of people or transit of light and heavvy vehicles. This is worse in extreme athmospheric conditions such as wet soil due to heavvy raining or drier soil typical of hot summer periods.

In order to create a reinforced grass turf which is preserving the beauty of your lawn, a modular grid tiles system has to be employed for the reinforcement of the grass turf. This cellular structure is laid down and filled with natural soil and once the grass has grown it is virtually invisible.
It will protect forever the grass from squashing and stress while improving the load bearing capacity of the ground by redistributing any load. Additionally, where the ground is sloped, it will create a reinforcement grating against soil erosion carried out by athmospheric agents or transit.

Compared to traditional cement slabs, these grass-tiles are lighter and easier to transport, quicker and easier to lay, and they never heat up even on the hottest of days. Even the overall look of the field is not compromised because as the grass grows, the cellular grass-reinforcing structure becomes barely visible.
lawn with no grass reinforcement lawn with grass reinforcement
Before and after installing a cellular grass tile system.
The load bearing capacity is highly improved avoiding lawn earth subsidence.

grass turf tiles - hexagonal
This type of grass plastic tile, with the classic hexagonal cells, is suited to the most common applications. Ideal for all situations where a compromise between cost per square meter and load bearing capacity is needed.

material: HDPE
color: green
UV protection: yes
Tile dimensions: 40x56 cm
Tile height: about 40 mm
Recommended maximum load: about 200 tons/sqm

Minimum order: about 200 sqm

sqm= square meters
grass turf tiles - reinforced
These grids are designed to improve the load bearing capacity and water permeability of the cellular structure while mantaining light cell walls in order to keep the grid almost invisible when the grass has grown.

material: HDPE
color: green (white under request)
UV protection: yes
Tile dimensions: 40x60 cm
Tile height: about 40 mm
Recommended maximum load: about 300 tons/sqm

Minimum order: about 200 sqm
NOTE: the exact shape of the grass-tile cells may vary due to technical factors and improvements. While the technical parameters of the grass-cells are as provided by the Manufacturer, the application pictures are meant to give you just an idea of the product applications.
Lawn seeds and grass substrate have to be purchased separately.

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