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Drainage, barrier, reinforcement of the underlay using special geo-textiles
road highway construction with geotextile
Specially designed textiles (geosynthetics) are extremely versatile and solve many geo-technical, hydro-geological, construction and architectural problems.
In many applications from simple construction works to civil engineering projects special geo-textiles have to be used for the creation of an under-layment with optimal drainage, particle-retaining and reinforcement properties.

The most common applications are the construction of roads (from unpaved roads to highways or motorways), railways, tunnels, grounds (expecially parking places, airport areas or areas subject to high loads), town squares, playing fields, sport fields or courts, paved areas.
These types of geotextiles are also used as permanent protection against erosion for road or railway edges, river banks or canals and as general building reinforcement. By improving the compactness of the soil the instability of poor load-bearing land is greatly reduced.

Your underlayment solution for long-lasting, durable and safe construction:
A special nonwoven fabric made of polyester filaments expecially studied to optimize the application in roads, highways, grounds and civil engineering applications:

· outstanding strength, fatigue resistance, abrasion and tear resistance
· excellent resistance to all acids and alkalis present in the soil, to biological and chemical
  corrosion (petrol, salt water, oil, etc), to light UV deterioration
· good drainage properties - it creates a bedding layer with greater permeability than the soil
· excellent separation properties - an effective reinforcement barrier between soil layers
· very easy to transport and lay down
· ecologically friendly
geo-synthetic textile
NT100 - NT200 - NT300
Material: PS (Polyesther)
Colour: white-pastel

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